– Congratulations and welcome to ECE’s Non-Travel Team program!  We know that the tryout process is both an exciting and stressful time for athletes and parents alike, and we would like to give you a little bit of additional information and advice as you look over your team placements.
– We want all families to know that much time is spent creating each of our teams and discussing each athlete that attended tryouts. We do not make decisions on which divisions to create / where to place each child lightly. The staff has come together to create then most successful teams possible and also to ensure that each child is placed on a team where they can progress and excel. As I’m sure you can all imagine, this is not an easy task! We feel confident that our 2020-2021 teams will
surpass your expectations!
– If your child had hopes of making a certain level and does not reach that specific goal, we hope you will encourage your child to attend the first few practices. There can always be movement throughout the season, both up and down, for various reasons. If you have any questions regarding your athlete’s specific team placement, please email Cassie at We encourage everyone to practice the 24-hour rule when sending emails.
– Levels and divisions can change from season to season. It is possible that we alter the levels once teams begin practicing based on how well they stunt and tumble.


Below you will see our team lists, practice schedules, and coaches. If you do not see your name/number on this list, please email as this is a typo. All children who attended tryouts have been placed on a team! It is possible for these team lists to shift slightly following this tryout and as the season progresses.  We do our best to properly evaluate each athlete, but there are times where changes need to be made following the first few practices. Please realize that levels and divisions have changed again this year for prep teams. We look forward to the season ahead and to working with all of our new teams and athletes! If you are unable to attend the first practices, please email prior to the practice.


Y1.1 Envy

Coaches: Colleen Gillis & Emma Meier & Ava Campbell

Practice Schedule:
August: Monday 4:30-6 & Wednesday 5-6:30
Fall-end of season: Monday 5-7 & Saturday 4-6

Choreography: 10/3 2PM-6PM & 10/4 9AM-2PM

First practice: Mon. 8/17 4:30-6

Team Members:

#2 Abby L

#3 Alliah S

#8 Brady M

#15 Ella H

#18 Eva G

#19 Grace E

#23 Kayle C

#24 Kaylee B

#29 Maddy G

#30 Maggie M

#32 Melina K

#34 Nevaeh D

#36 Riley J

#37 Ryleigh C

#39 Savanna D

#40 Sophia M

#41 Sophia S

#43 Sophie M

#44 Violet W

#48 Brielle K

PT Ali M

PT Charlotte Q

PT Ella F

PT Ely D

PT Lexi M

PT Mayra G

PT Mia A

PT Sophia L

PT Sophia-Rose B


J3.2 Flair

Coaches: Colleen Gillis & Tracy Hussey

Practice Schedule: 
August: Monday 6:30-8 & Wednesday 7-8:30
Fall-end of season: Monday 7-9 & Saturday 2-4

Choreography: 10/3 5PM-9PM & 10/4 3PM-8PM

Team Members:

#1 Abby L

#12 Chloe C

#14 Courtney O

#16 Emma S

#17 Emma Y

#20 Helena S

#22 Katie B

#25 Kit A

#26 Leah T

#45 Sayde T

#46 Marah Y

#47 Nina C

#49 Maci P

PT Alyvia M

PT Asia M

PT Brielle C

PT Devon G

PT Gianna S

PT Kaylee P

PT Lexi D

PT Riley F

PT Skyler G