» I want to sign up my athlete for tumbling. Which class should sign I them up for?

You can find a detailed description of each class at ecelondonderry.com/classes – scroll down below the schedule. Please note the skill and age requirements for each.

» How do I sign up for private lessons?

All registered athletes have access to private lessons. You can register for “Registration Fee” as a class HERE. The lessons can then be signed up directly through an instructor via this Facebook group. Please note that private lessons are booked directly through the coaches, not the front desk, and are dependent on their availability. We encourage you to check out the Facebook group to see how often they come up before committing to the registration fee.

» My athlete is in a town/school ran private class. Do I pay a registration fee for private lessons?

Yes, the registration fee is waived for town/school private classes, so your athlete is not considered registered for private lessons until that fee is paid.

» My athlete missed a class, how can I make this class up?

We allow no more than 2 make-ups per session, and we do not allow make-ups for Tiny Tumblers / Tiny Pre-Team. Your athlete can make up a class in any one-hour-long Open Gym within the same session as the missed class. Once the current session ends, no more make-ups can be granted. Please give the class name and date of missed class at check-in. You can make classes up in advance, if you know you will be missing class toward the end of the session.

» Do I have to pre-register for Open Gym?

No, you can just show up! Please just ensure you have a current CLASS WAIVER on file.

» What is the difference between a “member” and “non-member” for Open Gym pricing?

“Members” are those who are currently taking a class during the same session as the Open Gym, those who are currently on an ECE Londonderry Full Year or Half Year team, and those who have paid a 2023-2024 Registration Fee. “Non-members” do not fall into those categories and include our public walk-in athletes, who just need to ensure they have a current CLASS WAIVER on file to participate.

» My athlete would like to bring a friend to Open Gym, is that allowed?

Yes, that is allowed, however, they would pay the non-member rate and would also need to bring a CLASS WAIVER with them to participate.

» My athlete would like to join an All Star team, when will the tryouts be?

All tryout information can be found HERE. Everyone makes a team and is placed according to their age and skill level. Full Year tryouts are typically held in May, and Half Year tryouts in the fall (Oct/Nov).

» How do I sign up for a tumbling class in my ECE portal?

We have two separate portals – one is specific to our ECE teams only, and the other includes everything else related to tumbling classes at the Londonderry location.

ECE Teams

Celebrity Cheer Classes

They are also listed under their respective menu drop-downs in the top right corner (Classes and ECE Teams).

» My athlete is on a Half Year team, do I still need to pay a registration fee for classes and private lessons?

Yes, as the class registration fee is not included in the Half Year tuition.

» What time is somebody at the Front Desk to answer my call?

Monday through Friday from 4pm to 7pm.