As a former coach at ECE, I am very familiar with their staff and their curriculum.  With that said, the thought of “online or virtual classes” can make anyone hesitant.  I currently coach Concord High School with Laura Owen.  During this pandemic, we were concerned with how our athletes would stay in shape and continue to work their skills.  Laura and I both work full time, so putting together workout and skillset routines and drills for athletes that were constantly changing would require time that we simply didn’t have.

I have seen, first hand, all of the classes that ECE is offering in their virtual training program. It’s a no brainer.  ALL of our high school athletes should be enrolled in this program.  I can’t rave enough about what they are offering in full, but here are a few of my favorite highlights:

  • The tumbling classes are extremely interactive and easy to follow.  The instructor teaches a drill then tells you to pause your video to do the reps.  They offer three levels of tumbling classes.  If you are an advanced tumbler, I believe you will benefit from all of the tumbling classes, as they do different drills in each, and technique is important.
  • The jump class is amazing! As a coach, I will be taking some of the drills I learned in that class and incorporating them into our high school practices.  *There is a special guest instructor – Brad – the owner of Cheer Athletics.  His ab workout/class is insane! I’m challenging my team to see who can make it through the workout without stopping or having to pause the video!
  • The dance classes are fun, laid back, and a great way to work on cardio.

Overall, there are just so many options with the ECE Virtual Program.  Like anything online, athletes are going to get out of it, what they put into it.  The options are most definitely there, and we are so grateful that ECE put together this program, and we can share it with our high school cheerleaders.